The Blockchain Dream Factory

We are an independent software house specializing in blockchain technology. Our team brings together over 50 professionals developing software in the agile model.


Number of employees

Our team consists of carefully selected people who always know what they are doing and why.


Years of experience

That's how many years of experience we have as a software company. We're aiming for at least a double-digit number.


Years of DEV experience

On average, our developers have nearly a decade of experience under their belts.


Projects launched

One day, not too far in the future, we would like to add a zero to the end of this number. We're working on it...

Once you decide to work with us, we’ll show you the first results as early as four weeks from the start of the project. We can begin with a Product Discovery Workshop.

We offer a fully transparent process and frequent follow-up demos to confirm that we are moving in the right direction.

Our Product Owners’ advanced working methodology leads to cost reductions of up to 50 percent.

Welcome to the Blockchain Dream Factory!

Do you have a great idea or product and want to harness blockchain for your benefit? Or maybe you require a consultation and want to get an expert opinion? Contact us and let's make it a blockbuster project together.

How We Work

We treat every step of our process with equal care. The goal is always the same - to create a product that will satisfy both the customer and us. We want to make this a hit!
If we can learn new tricks and improve our know-how along the way, that is even better.


We prepare a detailed evaluation, so you know the cost and time horizon of the project.



We begin to work and frequently report on our progress. If needed, we hold a meeting to discuss details and submit our recommendations.


Quality Assurance & Tests

Our products are always extensively tested and verified according to specifications.



When the software is ready, we install it on the client’s servers and provide full post-sale technical support.


Browse our portfolio to better comprehend our area of expertise. We’d be happy to discuss projects that have caught your attention.
Mobile wallet with Staking
Integration with Ledger
NFT marketplace
Cryptocurrency ecosystem - BTC fork with additional features
BLockchain Web Explorers
Wrapped tokens

Tech Stack

Take a look at our tech stack, or in other words, the tools that we use every day.


Here is the full range of services we can provide you with today. We are constantly trying to improve our offer, so there may be more of them tomorrow...

  • Building Web Platforms
  • DevOps & Cloud Solutions
  • Design & Product Discovery Workshops
  • Building Product MVPs
  • Testing


Here is the full range of services we can provide you with today. We are constantly trying to improve our offer, so there may be more of them tomorrow...

  • Blockchain
  • Mobile Apps/Mobile Wallets
  • Smart Contracts
  • Web Apps
  • Desktop Wallets
  • NFT Marketplace

Contact & Project Estimation

Dare to dream big! Reach out, and let's talk about your project.
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